And I see them everywhere. It comes through in the passion I see during an interview, the energy of a thousand people at an event or even a smile at just the right moment.

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a Senior Editor, Producer, Director and Cinematographer for creative video in Tampa Bay. For more than 10 years, my technical expertise and strategic video storytelling has boosted local and national brands, media companies, and especially — hearts and minds. Let’s turn your next video into a brand story, inspiring new perspectives with every frame.


The edited video is both a relief and a delightful surprise! After our session, I was so disappointed with my responses to her questions. I expected a call any day now asking if we could try it one more time. Instead, she has performed a miracle! She has an artist’s eye and a diamond cutter’s skill.

Dan, Story Interviewee

I needed a company able to capture the spirit and content of an eclectic four day festival. The event included a mix of talks, workshops, live music and parties. Laura was able to adapt to every situation, creating an incredible series of videos that caught the very essence of the festival in its various forms. I was blown away by her work and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Peter Rollins, Author and Public Speaker

Laura helped bring our video to life better than we could ever have hoped. She was sensitive and empathetic; helping us work through telling what is a very personal and challenging story. Throughout the process, Laura exercised kindness and compassion, expertise and professionalism, timeliness and organization. We felt comfortable putting our trust in her from the beginning and the finished production brought us both and hundreds of other people to tears.

Joshua Hays, Marketing CEO

Laura is one of the most hard-working, passionate, and humble creatives I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with. My absolute favorite part of working with Laura was her genuine joy for doing what she loves. Her energy was contagious and because of that, I only wanted to do my best work because I knew that’s what she’d be doing as well.

Janel Gancena, Art Director